Join us in Cleveland for two days of networking, learning, and community with other land bank professionals!
Land banks are an important tool for community revitalization. Entrusted with special quasi-governmental powers, they are uniquely positioned to help put vacant properties back on the path to productive use.
But despite this incredible potential, land banks across the country are under-resourced. Their hardworking staff have few opportunities to connect with one another, ask questions that only other land bank professional can answer, or share stories of success. The National Land Bank Network (NLBN) at Community Progress exists to fill this gap. Through the 2023 NLBN Summit we will help land bank leaders build lasting relationships with one another and exchange resources.


About the Summit

The NLBN Summit is the only national event dedicated to urban, suburban, and rural land banks. Since 2010, over 250 land banks and land banking initiatives have launched across the United States to tackle the growing problem of vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties and help revitalize communities. Today, the success of land banks of differing sizes and scale has created an important opportunity to build a national movement to steward land strategically and equitably for the public good.

At the NLBN Summit, land bank leaders and staff will get to learn about the latest strategies for addressing problem properties, share successes and common challenges, and network with fellow leaders in the field. By building relationships and networks that last, the NLBN Summit will equip every land bank with practical tools to affect change in their communities.

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Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

By supporting the 2023 National Land Bank Network Summit, you will directly help to

  • Equip land bank leaders with actionable solutions to create opportunities for affordable housing, address the impact of climate change on communities, and steward properties so they build wealth for neighbors and neighborhoods, not out-of-state investors
  • Foster relationships and networks between land bank leaders so no community leader feels like they have to go at it alone
  • Create spaces for land bank leaders of color and leaders of rural land banks to connect on the unique challenges they face
  • Uplift success and best practices so policies and practices that work in one community can be shared and scaled
  • Raise national awareness of land banks as tools to promote community revitalization, racial equity, and social justice

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