People in Place Collaborative

Bridging Place-Based and People-Based Interventions to Disrupt Intergenerational Poverty

Communities across the nation are trapped in the grips of deepening poverty, increasing inequality, and fewer opportunities for economic mobility. To yield transformational change requires a new approach which encourages cross-discipline collaboration between both place-based and people-based interventions.

Neighborhood stabilization, community wealth-building, and wellbeing programming are three fields which together form the foundation of an interdisciplinary approach to disrupting intergenerational poverty. Together, these fields address the primary factors affecting people and place, especially the persistence of poverty:

  • The conditions of the physical environment within which lives play out;
  • The economic systems that extract wealth from, or increase wealth within, a community;
  • Residents’ overall ability to meet their needs and have a high quality of life.

Community Progress works with philanthropic representatives, expert practitioners, and academic researchers, through the People in Place Collaborative, to improve how place-based and people-based interventions collaborate to disrupt intergenerational poverty. The People in Place Collaborative provides space for experts from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to explore interdisciplinary revitalization work, identify research opportunities, educate broader fields, and advocate for new funding models that bridge place-based and people-based interventions in small- and mid-sized cities.

Collaborative Members

James Crowder

Alyia Gaskins
Melville Charitable Trust

Justin Godard
Center for Community Progress

Courtney Knox
Center for Community Progress

Tony Pickett
Grounded Solutions Network

Anne Price
Insight Center

Charles Rutheiser
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Tené Traylor
The Kendeda Fund

Alia Trindle
Right to the City Alliance

Akilah Watkins-Butler
Center for Community Progress

T’Pring Westbrook
Annie E. Casey Foundation

People in Place is made possible through the generous support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation


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