National Land Bank Network Summit

Cleveland, Ohio  |  October 16 - 17, 2023


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The conference will include sessions for building foundational knowledge as well as more advanced, in-depth topics. Below is a preview of topics that will be covered at the summit:

Community Engagement
Community support and buy-in is necessary in order for land banks to lead effective change. What does it look like when a land bank is authentically engaged with its community? What engagement styles and tactics can land banks can use to strengthen relationships with residents and meaningfully respond to community needs?

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning can be an important step in determining where your land bank is headed and ensuring upcoming work runs smoothly. How do you know when a land bank should create an action plan or undergo a full strategic planning process? How do you design and implement a planning process to develop those plans?

Communicating Impact
Communicating your impact is vital step in securing funding and connecting with policymakers, practitioners, and community members. How do you explain what a land bank is, the programs your land bank offers, and the impact your land bank has on the community? How do you define and measure success? How can impact reports and other tools help you share this information?

Rehab & Repair Programs
Repairing or rehabilitating inventory properties is a key component of some land banks’ work to return these properties to productive use. How can land banks develop these programs and partnerships? How have land banks ensured property and neighborhood conditions improve as a result of their involvement?

Affordable Housing
The land banking and affordable housing sectors hold the shared goal of helping community members in their neighborhoods thrive. What tools and strategies are available for land banks to advance affordable housing opportunities in their communities? How can land banking tools help create permanent affordable housing opportunities?

Local Government Partnerships
Land banks can use local government tools and partnerships to move beyond single transactions and foster long-term revitalization. How are these partnerships formed and what can they look like? How can land banks engage in local decision-making processes to support residents affecting positive change?

Occupied Structures
Some land banks have played a role in addressing occupied tax-delinquent properties. How can land banks engage in work with occupied structures equitably and sensitively? What are some of the challenges and lessons learned?

State Policy
State-level policy change like increasing funding, improving land bank powers, and supporting systems like code and property tax enforcement can powerfully shape land banks’ efficacy. How can land banks help foster state-level policy changes? How have land banks connected with one another, developed political power, and identified winning strategies to achieve policy goals?

Commercial Property Revitalization
Land banking can address more than just residential properties. How have land banks played a role in commercial and large-scale property revitalization? What do land banks need to know about engaging in commercial property demolition, preservation, or rehabilitation? What can partnership models look like? How have land banks attracted the funding necessary for these projects?

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