For our first ten years, the Center for Community Progress achieved change on the ground through intimate conversations with councilmembers and grassroots leaders; through one-of-a-kind event experiences; and through workshops that help practitioners and residents change the systems that prevent them from addressing problem properties.

The pandemic forced us to change how we did this deep and dedicated engagement, but it didn’t change the strength of our commitment to community revitalization.

In this rich retrospective of the last two years, you’ll find stories of how the leaders, advocates, and experts at Community Progress continued to transform places into strong, vibrant communities. You’ll see examples of how we used policies, tools, and resources to help places realize the untapped potential of underutilized properties, and right systemic wrongs by implementing equitable, sustainable practices.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of what you’ll find inside. Download our 2020-21 Impact Report here.

> Download our 2020-21 Impact Report