When an occupied rental property goes into tax foreclosure, the typical outcomes – displacement, vacancy, property deterioration – harm people and communities. Programs like the City of Detroit’s “Make It Home” leverage the property tax foreclosure process to help tenants purchase and rehabilitate their homes. Such programs can help prevent displacement and vacancy, stabilize neighborhoods, and transition low-income tenants to homeownership. This potential for building stronger, more equitable communities is why the Center for Community Progress launched a national initiative to explore whether occupied-to-owner programs like Make It Home could work elsewhere in the United States.  
Community Progress’ Make It Home National Replication Initiative, made possible by funding from the Rocket Community Fund, will run from March 2022 to the fall of 2022.

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Program Overview

Phase 1: Letter of Interest Solicitation 

In the first phase, Community Progress will assess interest in replicating occupied-to-owner programs like Make It Home. We are inviting local governments and land banks to submit a Letter of Interest to join the Make it Home Learning Cohort. To learn more about how to submit a Letter of Interest, view the Letter of Interest solicitation here. 

Phase 2: Learning Cohort 

Community Progress will convene a learning cohort of up to ten local governments and/or land banks to learn more about Make it Home and similar programs and to help them assess the potential to replicate such a program in their community. At the conclusion of the learning cohort, Community Progress will publish a final report summarizing the Make It Home program and similar occupied-to-owner programs, common successes and challenges, and the potential for replicating these equitable models in other communities. This final report will be public and available to other communities interested in exploring these programs.  

Please direct any questions about the Make It Home National Replication Initiative to Tarik Abdelazim, Director of National Technical Assistance, at tabdelazim@communityprogress.org