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Bringing Nature to Communities: The Role of Land Conservancies in Addressing Vacant Properties

October 24, 2019 | 12 PM ET
Bringing Nature to Vacant Properties | Center for Community Progress

Event Type: Virtual

Topic(s): Local Analysis, Vacant Land Stewardship

When: October 24, 2019

Time: 12 PM ET

Cost: Free

Over the past five years, the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy (SBLC) has conducted a series of vacant land projects in the city of Saginaw, specifically looking to improve quality of life, build a stronger community, and help people connect with the natural world. Saginaw, in mid-Michigan, was one of the leading industrial cities during Michigan’s lumber and auto manufacturing heydays. With the decline in manufacturing industries, Saginaw faces continued disinvestment and significant problems with vacant properties–both structures and land. In response to the significant need for vacant land management, SBLC made an intentional shift from focusing primarily on conserving rural natural spaces to bringing the natural world to urban spaces–meeting people where they live. SBLC’s success in leveraging partnerships and volunteer capital to tackle the challenges associated with urban land vacancy demonstrates how conservationists can partner with regional and municipal leaders to create unique solutions to vacant land. In this webinar, SBLC will discuss their motivation and strategies for working on vacant urban land, the projects they’ve developed, and the continued opportunities to develop innovative solutions for land-use issues in the region.


  • Zachary Branigan, Executive Director, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy
  • Ted Lind, Director of Community Conservation, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy

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