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Reimagine Delinquent Property Tax Enforcement

February 23, 2022 | 12:00 PM ET | Online

Delinquent property tax enforcement is a powerful tool to interrupt the cycle of vacancy and decline. But in many places, delinquent property tax enforcement is inequitable, ineffective, and inefficient. In addition to being a massive impediment to rehabbing vacant properties, delinquent property tax enforcement often exploits the most vulnerable homeowners, replicating the unjust and racist history of displacing residents and eliminating generational wealth. And when delinquent property tax enforcement is used purely as a financial collection mechanism, governed by short-term budget needs, it can negatively impact a community’s future. 

Hear from Kim Graziani, author of the recent tax enforcement publication from the Center for Community Progress, and Nneka N’namdi, a Baltimore community leader engaging those most impacted by exploitive enforcement processes. Join this webinar to: 

Join this webinar to:  

  • Get a foundation in the basics of delinquent property tax enforcement, and how it can be a community development tool.
  • Understand how your community can evaluate its delinquent property tax enforcement system.
  • Explore how cities can maximize revenue while protecting vulnerable residents and interrupt the cycle of decline and disinvestment.
  • Learn about ongoing advocacy efforts towards policy reforms to ensure community control of revitalization projects and protect vulnerable owners from displacement.


  • Kim Graziani, Technical Assistance Senior Advisor, Center for Community Progress
  • Nneka N’namdi, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Fight Blight Bmore