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Leaders of Color in Land Banking

November 17, 2022 | 12:00 PM ET

As the community development field moved from grassroots activities to professionalization, this shift led to less racial diversity in the field and too few people of color in decision-making positions. Today, though many land banks and other community development nonprofits serve areas with a large percentage of residents of color, their boards and leadership are not representative of residents and their needs. But a new wave of leaders—who come from the communities they represent—is also emerging.  

Leaders of Color in Land Banking will feature three women of color in land bank leadership across the country. This panel will highlight the communities they serve, their professional journeys to their current roles, and the equitable change they are working towards at their organizations. 

Join this webinar to:  

  • Learn how leaders of color are changing the way their organizations connect with and listen to their communities; 
  • Hear about dynamic land bank initiatives centering residents 
  • Gain insight into how community development organizations and their boards are committing to deeper equity work to support all stakeholders and help break cycles of systemic vacancy 


  • Brian Larkin, Director of the National Land Bank Network, Center for Community Progress 


  • Terica Black Bashir, Program Director, Metro Atlanta Land Bank 
  • Christa D. Stoneham, Chief Executive Officer/President, Houston Land Bank 
  • Stephanie Quick, Chief Operating Officer, Intend Indiana