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Thursday, May 26, 2022 | 12:00 ET

State Policy and Equitable Revitalization: A Conversation with Alan Mallach

Cities’ ability to mount successful and equitable revitalization efforts are powerfully determined by state laws and policies. In his latest report, renowned urban policy expert Alan Mallach tackles how state policies drive local revitalization outcomes. In “From State Capitols to City Halls: Smarter State Policies for Stronger Cities,” produced by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in partnership with the Center for Community Progress, Mallach highlights the central role of state laws, policies, and resource allocations in defining the framework for cities’ efforts for equitable revitalization. In a follow-up research study published at the Center for Community Progress, “State Policy and Problem Property Regulation,” Mallach drills down on how state laws and policies affect local attempts to revitalize problem properties. 

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand why and how state laws and policies set the rules for local action for equitable revitalization.
  • Explore specific challenges facing advocates and local governments in dealing with housing and problem property issues.  
  • Learn about successful efforts by advocates to change state policies related to housing, neighborhoods, and problem properties.
  • Ask questions about how your community can better support this work and get involved in state-level policy advocacy.

Alan Mallach – Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress 

Thursday, June 15, 2022 | 9:00–4:30 ET

2022 VAD Academy

The VAD Academy—short for Vacant, Abandoned, and Deteriorated Properties Training Academy—is a 100% virtual “bootcamp” for public, private, nonprofit, and community leaders whose work and communities are impacted by challenges related to VAD properties. From breaking down complex systems, to sharing smart strategies for resident engagement and fostering compliance, the VAD Academy aims to equip leaders to help return properties to purposeful use. 

Thanks to the support from Truist, the 2022 edition of the VAD Academy will be offered free of charge to attendees, a $275 savings.

During the VAD Academy, community development experts will guide you through critical topics related to property revitalization. These topic areas include:

  • Impact of VAD Properties: Explore the root causes and impacts VAD properties have on communities and why utilizing a systemic approach can be an effective strategy for addressing vacancy and abandonment head on.
  • Property Revitalization Framework: Learn smart strategies for a coordinated approach to tackling vacancy and abandonment.
  • Land Banks and Land Banking: Examine how to use this tool effectively to eliminate properties’ liabilities and return them to productive use.
  • Strategic Code Enforcement: Learn how to develop code enforcement programs that respond to the varying needs and priorities of different neighborhoods. 
  • Property Tax  Management: Reforming property tax enforcement systems so that they contribute equitably to neighborhood stabilization.
  • Equitable Revitalization: Take the tools learned at the VAD Academy and build a plan towards equitable revitalization in your community.

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Thursday, July 28, 2022 | 12pm ET

How to Use Property Condition Data for Vacant Land Stewardship

Do you know how many vacant lots there are in your community? Where are they? What condition are they in? What condition are the surrounding buildings in? If you don’t have the answers—or don’t know how to use the data you do have—you’re not alone. Taking care of vacant land starts with understanding what your community has. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how places are using walking or windshield surveys to capture a variety of property condition information, mapping it, and using it to inform vacant land stewardship and other revitalization efforts. We’ll cover different models for implementing property condition inventories and how to use the data you collect.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn about property condition inventories and the types of data they can collect. 
  • Discover multiple models for conducting parcel condition surveys.
  • See how survey data informs vacant land strategies.

Janell O’Keefe – Senior Program Officer for Michigan Initiatives, Center for Community Progress

September 7-9, 2022
Chicago Hilton | Chicago Illlonis

Responding to Crisis: Building an Equitable and Resilient Future

The Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference (RVP) is the only national conference dedicated to strengthening communities through new strategies to transform vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties into community assets.