Taking a Strategic and Data-Driven Approach to Addressing Problem Properties in Trenton, New Jersey 

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In January 2015, the City of Trenton and its co-applicant, Isles, Inc. were awarded a Technical Assistance Scholarship by the Center for Community Progress (Community Progress). As a part of the Technical Assistance Scholarship Program (TASP), Community Progress, with support from LocationAge, provided 100 hours of technical assistance to Isles, Inc. (Isles) and the City of Trenton (City) in the area of data, information systems, and strategy development.

Through the lens of neighborhood stabilization, this TASP engagement explores ways in which the City can build upon its existing revitalization strategies and offers potential enhancements to the City’s information systems, data collection and management, Geographic Information System (GIS), and dissemination of neighborhood and property-related data to City staff and the public.