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Problem to Purpose: Indiana Teens Recycle to Turnaround Vacant Lots

March 17, 2020

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Tired-A-Lot Transforms Vacant Properties While Creating Youth Volunteerism

Photo Credit: Bridge of Grace CMC

Teaching teens to give back can yield more than positive values and great character; it can help change a neighborhood. Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and Northeastern University show there are positive connections between youth volunteerism, health, and academics.

One hybrid group of local officials from the Zoning Land Use Board, residents, and architects are leveraging volunteerism to grow civically engaged youth and fight vacancy. The Tired-A-Lot project, run by the Mount Vernon Park Neighborhood Association, combines youth, recycled materials, and the cities vacant parcels to drive city beautification that includes mural and art installations, community build-days, and a five-week summer camp for teen community residents.

One Tired-A-Lot parent commented on the ongoing efforts, “As the mother of a child with a disability, we’re always looking for challenging and fun courses or camps for our son to go to. This one was not only fun and entertaining, but it also emphasized community volunteerism while teaching community planning.”

Need Ideas for a Community Creative Placemaking Project?

Download the “Trends in Creative Placemaking on Problem Properties: 2019 National Survey Findings” for data and real case studies of communities, like Oakland, where residents are solving community challenges while fighting vacancy.

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