Our team drives change for disinvested communities.

The Center for Community Progress team has decades of legal, strategic, and policy expertise to help local leaders break the cycle of vacancy and abandonment.

Kathleen J. Guillaume-Delemar Hover Image

Kathleen J. Guillaume-Delemar

President and CEO
Tarik Abdelazim Hover Image

Tarik Abdelazim

Vice President, Technical Assistance
Elizabeth Benton Hover Image

Elizabeth Benton

Senior Counsel
Christina Carter-Grant Hover Image

Christina Carter-Grant

Associate Director, National Land Bank Network
Nora Daly Hover Image

Nora Daly

Associate Director, Technical Assistance
Robert Finn Hover Image

Robert Finn

Vice President, Policy and Research
Maria Elkin Hover Image

Maria Elkin

Director, Communications
Lauren Frechette Hover Image

Lauren Frechette

Manager, Human Resources and Culture
Madison Gharghoury Hover Image

Madison Gharghoury

Director, National Partnerships
Justin Godard Hover Image

Justin Godard

Vice President; Education, Leadership, and Engagement
Thamarrah Jones Hover Image

Thamarrah Jones

Director, Conferences and Events
Courtney Knox Hover Image

Courtney Knox

Chief Administrative Officer
Liz Kozub Hover Image

Liz Kozub

Associate Director, Technical Assistance
Matt Kreis Hover Image

Matt Kreis

General Counsel
Brian Larkin Hover Image

Brian Larkin

Director, National Land Bank Network
Danielle Lewinski Hover Image

Danielle Lewinski

Chief Program Officer
Charles Linton Hover Image

Charles Linton

Communications Officer
Odetta MacLeish-White Hover Image

Odetta MacLeish-White

Director of Engagement
Janell O’Keefe Hover Image

Janell O’Keefe

Associate Director, Technical Assistance
Mallory Rappaport Hover Image

Mallory Rappaport

Program Associate, National Land Bank Network
Kimberly Perez Hover Image

Kimberly Perez

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Crystal Stevens Hover Image

Crystal Stevens

Program Associate, Education, Leadership, and Engagement
Amanda VanKuren Hover Image

Amanda VanKuren

Manager, Finance
Jessica Williams Hover Image

Jessica Williams

Associate Director, Technical Assistance
Julia Zimmerman Hover Image

Julia Zimmerman

Program Officer, Education, Leadership, and Engagement
Frank Alexander Hover Image

Frank Alexander

Co-Founder and Senior Legal and Policy Advisor
Brian Flood Hover Image

Brian Flood

Financial Advisor
Kim Graziani Hover Image

Kim Graziani

Technical Assistance Senior Advisor
Alan Mallach Hover Image

Alan Mallach

Senior Fellow
Sara Toering Hover Image

Sara Toering

Senior Fellow