Vision Russel

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Vision Russel
Vision Russel
Louisville, Kentucky
Three vacant lots owned by Louisville Metro Government were selected to be transformed into new Russell neighborhood amenities, and one additional vacant lot was cleared and landbanked for future use. This vacant lot behind Sweet Peaches restaurant at the corner of 18th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard has become a community outdoor kitchen and gathering spot. The space features shaded seating, a community barbeque pit, a movie projection wall and new landscaping.  More about this project >

Use Goal: Retail/Commercial
Use Type: Outdoor Kitchen
Year Established: Unknown
Year Ended: Ongoing
Duration: Permanent
Size (acres): 0.5 acre or less (1-5 lots)
Initial Cost: Unknown
Site Control: Ownership, Operating Agreement
Lead Organization Type: Nonprofit
Implementation Partners: Land Bank, Private, Individual

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