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Penrose Market Garden

Detroit, Michigan

A place for individual and community activity and recreation, the design of the Garden includes a welcoming entrance, outdoor classroom space, walks and connections to the surrounding areas, a lawn/gathering/event area lined with flower beds for the market garden’s cut flowers, shade structures and seating. The form and function of the garden space connects it to the wider community, facilitating social networks and building a sense of place identity. This Garden increases the availability of fresh healthy food in the neighborhood, provides recreation and outdoor activity for residents of all ages, provides employment for area youth, and develops a business model of sustainable, intensive, four season vegetable and flower production garden compatible with the urban fabric and urban living. The Market Garden is part of a larger network of green and community spaces envisioned in the Neighborhood Framework plan developed by the Penrose community. The Garden is thoughtfully designed so the space adds multi-dimensional amenities to the neighborhood and community, including environmental, visual and social benefits.  More about this project >

Use Goal: Food access & production
Use Type: Market Garden
Year Established: 2011
Year Ended: Ongoing
Duration: Permanent
Size (acres): 1 - 4 Acres
Initial Cost: Unknown
Site Control: Other
Lead Organization Type: Nonprofit
Implementation Partners: Nonprofit, Private

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