Helios Park

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Helios Park
West Virginia University Brownfields, Abandoned, & Dilapidated Buildings
Richwood, West Virginia
Helios Park hosts solar panels mounted on solar trellis and constructed of white oak. The park body includes pervious concrete walkway (enhances drainage), native vegetation rain garden, and a colorful human sundial which enables visitors to determine the time of day (if the sun is out). The solar energy is fed into the grid via a “Net-meter” which provides a positive return to the city electric bill.  More about this project >

Photo Credit: West Virginia University

Use Goal: Energy Production
Use Type: Reusable Energy Creation
Year Established: 2017
Year Ended: Ongoing
Duration: Permanent
Size (acres): 0.5 acre or less (1-5 lots)
Initial cost: Unknown
Site control: Ownership
Lead Organization Type: Government
Implementation Partners: Individual, Government, Nonprofit, Private

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