Hamilton Rainscape Learning Lab

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Hamilton Rainscape Learning Lab
Eastside Community Network
Detroit, Michigan
The Hamilton Rainscape emerged from community plans to address blight and stormwater issues. The location and elements of the design were selected through a community engagement process that brought together residents and the designers throughout the development of the project. Residents, ECN staff, and InSite Design Studio came together to create a beautiful open space to gather, redirect stormwater from the street into rain gardens, and serve as an education tool for the community.  More about this project >

Use Goal: Climate Adaptation
Use Type: Stormwater and Education
Year Established: 2017
Year Ended: Ongoing
Duration: Permanent
Size (acres): 0.5 acre or less (1 - 5 lots)
Initial cost: Unknown
Site control: Ownership
Lead Organization Type: Nonprofit
Implementation Partners: Nonprofit, Private, Individual

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