Community Plaza and Roller Rink

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Community Plaza and Roller Rink
Garfield Park Rite to Wellness Collaborative
Chicago, Illinois
The Community Plaza and Roller Rink were proposed by community members as a way to create safe community spaces and youth programming opportunities for residents. In the short-term, the City’s goal is to activate the vacant lot at 4008 West Madison this July with a temporary outdoor Roller Rink and multi-purpose space, to be available to the public all summer. The long-term goal is to have permanent lighting, furniture, a stage, and outdoor activity space, when it reopens in June 2022.  More about this project >
Photo Credit: Colin Boyle, Block Club Chicago, pulled from the Block Club Chicago article “New West Side Roller Rink And Community Plaza Is A Place ‘We Can Rest, We Can Reset, We Can Move, We Can Groove’” by Pascal Sabiano (Aug 9, 2021), available here.

Use Goal: Recreation
Use Type: Roller Rink
Year Established: 2021
Year Ended: Ongoing
Duration: Interim
Size (acres): 0.5 acre or less (1 - 5 lots)
Initial Cost: Unknown
Site Control: Ownership
Lead Organization Type: Nonprofit
Implementation Partners: Government, Individual

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Last updated: September 2021 | Photo credit: Colin Boyle, Block Club Chicago