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Madison Gharghoury, Development Associate and Special Assistant to the President/CEO

Trends in Creative Placemaking on Problem Properties

2019 National Survey Findings

Published: September 2019

Author(s): Center for Community Progress, Metris Arts Consulting

In the last decade, philanthropic and government entities have invested millions of dollars into creative placemaking endeavors. Within this broad, growing field exists a subset of creative placemaking efforts: those taking place on vacant, abandoned, and underused properties. Community Progress’ work over the last several years suggests that these efforts face unique challenges—and also perhaps unique potential for major positive impact—and deserve further dedicated study and support. That is the motivation behind a 2019 national survey and this resulting report. It shares trends, case studies, and survey responses from practitioners, residents, government officials, nonprofit leaders and many others involved in creative placemaking efforts. It offers insight into how communities across the country are using creative placemaking to address problem properties and advance community-centered revitalization—and the challenges that sometimes stymy these efforts.

This report builds upon our 2018 publication Creative Placemaking on Vacant Properties: Lessons Learned from Four Cities.

Published: September 2019

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