BAM: In Partnership, In Action

A Flexible Action Plan for the Next Three Years

Author(s): Center for Community Progress

The Blight Authority of Memphis (BAM) is ready to play a more meaningful role in the local fight against vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties in service to the neighbors and neighborhoods that are negatively impacted by systemic vacancy, abandonment, and disinvestment. Community Progress provided technical support in the development of this action plan to not only help give direction and suggested prioritization to BAM, but to uplift and honor the local stakeholders and community partners excited by the promise and value BAM can bring to the local fight against vacant properties.

This action plan offers local decision-makers and elected officials a menu of services BAM can uniquely provide in support of neighborhood-driven stabilization and revitalization efforts—and to describe the partners and resources needed to carry out this critical work. All of the menu items described in this action plan assume the identification by BAM of ‘Priority Neighborhoods’ for investment in the next few years, at least. A list of such neighborhoods has already been identified by BAM in itsBlight Elimination Strategic Framework, reflecting the reality that BAM must focus its initial efforts in order to achieve measurable impacts and build out its suite of offerings.

Madison Gharghoury, Development Associate and Special Assistant to the President/CEO

Published: August 2021


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