Communities at Risk: Understanding the Challenges Facing Middle Neighborhoods

February 28, 2019 | 12 PM ET
Middle Neighborhoods Challenges | Center for Community Progress

Middle neighborhoods–the solid working- and middle-class neighborhoods of our cities and inner-ring suburbs–tend to get little attention. In many respects, however, these neighborhoods are the backbone of our communities, but they are increasingly under strain from powerful economic, social, and demographic pressures.

In this webinar, Alan Mallach introduces middle neighborhoods, and discusses what they are, why they matter, how they’re changing, and why their conditions and future need to be a focus of attention for local governments, community development corporations, and others concerned about communities.


  • Alan Mallach – Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress

Event Type: Virtual

Topic(s): Parcel Data & Neighborhood Markets

When: February 28, 2019

Time: 12 PM ET

Cost: Free

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