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After the COVID-19 Emergency: What’s Next for Middle Neighborhoods?

April 23, 2020 | 12 PM ET
Middle Neighborhoods After COVID Webinar | Center for Community Progress

Event Type: Virtual

Topic(s): COVID-19, Local Analysis

When: April 23, 2020

Time: 12 PM ET

Cost: Free

Today’s active Coronavirus (COVID-19) struggle for American communities has many leaders and residents asking, “What’s Next?” We know our current, immediate danger will not last forever, but what are the long-term economic and social impacts? What unique challenges will middle neighborhoods face? And, what insights and expertise are best positioned to help build a more equitable future for these communities?

Explore these questions as Alan Mallach, Senior Fellow at Community Progress and author of The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America, walks participants through the anticipated COVID-19 impacts and considerations for community development practitioners, middle neighborhoods, and the residents they serve.


  • Alan Mallach – Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress

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