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Send your favorite revitalized lot some Valentine’s love with #LoveThatLot

February 5, 2015

Photo Credit: Kevin Duffy

Around the country, vacant lots and abandoned properties are being transformed into everything from new housing to urban orchards to pop-up beer gardens to go-kart race tracks.

It’s time to show them some love!

Between now and Valentine’s Day, use #LoveThatLot on Twitter and Facebook to share photos of your favorite formerly vacant lots that have been transformed into something downright lovable.

It could be the lot next door or a project on the other side of the country, as long as you #LoveThatLot.

Ironroots Urban Farm_7.10.14_CreditLewinsk CROPTo share one example of many, we love the Iron Roots Urban Farm, the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation’s 1.5-acre farm in Youngstown, Ohio. #LoveThatLot

On the Friday before Valentine’s Day, we’ll share some of our favorite #LoveThatLot social posts on our blog. Make sure to post by noon on February 12th in order to be considered for the blog post.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s give these lots and the people working hard to revitalize them the recognition that they deserve.


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