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#LoveThatLot: Your Valentines for formerly vacant lots

February 13, 2015

Photo Credit: Kevin Duffy

Parcel by parcel, on blocks across the country, transformations are underway: local champions are turning vacant, abandoned lots into local gems. These projects are changing neighborhoods and touching lives but, too often, they’re known only to those who are lucky enough to live nearby. 

Last week, we issued a call for Valentines to shine some light on these special spots and you responded without hesitation, taking to social media with #LoveThatLot to recognize your favorite revitalized lots. You posted pictures of pop-up parks, urban gardens, public art, and more, showcasing projects that have brought new life to lots that used to be known for trash and weeds and neglect. Watching the images roll in has been a blast and an inspiration. We’ve shared some of the highlights below, but check out #LoveThatLot on Facebook and Twitter to see all the posts.

Didn’t have a chance to share your photo yet? Please do! The conversation will continue on Twitter and Facebook throughout Valentine’s weekend. Use #LoveThatLot to share your photos and stories!   

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