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About Tomorrow…Giving Tuesday

May 4, 2020


Dear Progress Makers, 

Your support matters. While the debates and data continue to evolve around our current public health crisis, there are at least two things we know: First, our households, streets, and world will never be the same. And second, we can’t leave the future of our communities to chance. 

The past six weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic have come with a series of opportunities to take simple actions to create large-scale, lasting impact. From sharing your voice on the work of Congress and stimulus efforts, to the critical personal steps we take to shelter-in-place and flatten the curve – daily, we all have the opportunity to create positive change as we face the unknowns of our future.  

I am reaching out to share that tomorrow is another important opportunity for us – where small actions can secure the support we all know we need.  

For those who may not be aware, Tuesday, May 5, has been designated as a special Giving Tuesday in response to COVID-19. Since 2012, the team at has helped create opportunities to support the work of nonprofits.  

Tomorrow, they will unite us again to show support and ensure that the vital work of social impact organizations can continue.  

Whether you donate to Community Progress or invest in the variety of other important causes highlighted, I want to encourage you to get involved.   

For those who can, please donate. For those who may not be able to share your support financially, remember your emails, text messages, and even social media shares can help raise awareness and long-term support for nonprofits like ours.  

After many years in this work, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that every dollar and supporter engaged counts. There is no donation too small and no outreach too insignificant.

To support Community Progress I encourage you to share the draft tweet below and visit to give.  

Sample Tweet/Social Media Share 

Join Me #GiveTuesdayNow – Fight vacancy, support #CommunityProgess, America’s #1 nonprofit for preventing vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties at  Follow @CProgressNews to learn more. 

I want to personally thank you in advance for your continued support and remind you that as your communities look ahead to preventing vacant homes and abandoned properties, we are here to help. You can always reach our team at [email protected] 

I look forward to sharing with you in tomorrow’s opportunity and am wishing you and your families safety and wellness as we push toward recovery. 


– Dr. Akilah Watkins-Butler, President & CEO 

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