RVP Sneak Peek: Baltimore’s Vacants to Value

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At the Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference, participants have the chance to see first-hand all the great work underway in the host City.

We call these experiences Mobile Workshops, and they are the highlight of the Conference for many attendees. (Spaces are limited, though, and the first session of the workshop highlighted below is almost sold out. So, make sure to register ASAP to reserve your spot.)

Credit: Vacants to Value

Credit: Vacants to Value

Vacants to Value is a comprehensive, seven-strategy approach to combat blighted and abandoned property in Baltimore that has garnered attention within Baltimore and beyond. One of our workshops this year, “Vacants to Value: A Comprehensive Approach to Blight Elimination,” explores what those strategies are, how they’ve worked well together, what hurdles the City has faced, and what other cities interested in a similar program need to know.

To learn a little bit more about this opportunity, we were lucky enough to connect with Wendi Redfern-Curtis, assistant commissioner at Baltimore Housing, and one of the organizers of this session. Here’s what she had to say:

Can you tell me a little bit about your workshop and what attendees can expect?

Wendi Redfern-Curtis (WRC): Workshop attendees can expect to experience what is happening on the ground, in real time, in V2V focus areas. The tour will stop at and highlight areas where the 7 V2V strategies are spurring, encouraging and supporting market reinvestment in severely distressed neighborhoods.

What do you want conference-goers to know about Baltimore before they come?

Credit: Vacants to Value

Credit: Vacants to Value

WRC: Baltimore is a vibrant city that is rich in culture. It is a City of many vibrant neighborhoods, with immeasurable investment potential.

What’s one take-away from V2V that you think would be helpful for other cities?

WRC: Participants should leave with an understanding that, so far, our data about V2V shows that progress is obtainable by merging synergistic neighborhood revitalization strategies with a commitment to engage community, non-profit and private partners.

Could you share the story of a V2V success that workshop attendees will get to see?

WRC: The tour will visit the neighborhood of Milton/Montford. At this stop, participants will learn how 6 of the 7 V2V strategies are used to revitalize the area.