Land Banks and Community Land Trusts: A Primer for the Houston Land Bank 

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Under the leadership of Mayor Turner, the City of Houston is recovering, reimagining, and
rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. As disaster recovery efforts continue, there is a steadfast
desire to make Houston a stronger, more resilient city in which no neighborhood is left behind. Historic
and unprecedented efforts are being made to reform building and zoning guidelines of floodplains to
reduce flood damage in the future. Just as the focus was on New Orleans following the devastation
wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the entire nation is now looking to Houston with hope and optimism as a
model of resiliency. City leaders are meeting the challenge with a clear commitment to invest both in
neighborhoods that have been devastated by the hurricane, as well as those neighborhoods that have been
compromised by decades of disinvestment and lack of opportunity.